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What if multiple global problems became each other’s solutions? Invest in the Sea Ranger ship on which navy veterans train unemployed youth to protect our oceans.

✓ You can invest from as little as €20 up to €20.000. Your investment is a loan and will be repaid with annual interest

✓ Your investment contributes to completion of the first Sea Ranger ship by funding the interior fit-out, rigging and technical systems of the vessel

✓ We offer a 5% annual return over 5 years, generated through the services which Sea Rangers provide at sea

✓ Depending on the amount invested you will receive rewards, ranging from your name featured on the sail to joining the Sea Rangers at sea

To invest, please use the link below to create an account, watch the video, read the English text and click on ‘invest’.

Sea Ranger Service

The Sea Ranger Service is the world’s first global maritime ranger service. Starting in 2018 it will train youth (including long-term unemployed youth) as Sea Rangers. Navy veterans will train these youths to assist nations in the management of their Marine Protected Areas. In this way the initiative tackles youth unemployment, re-integrates veterans and protects and regenerates marine landscape.

For healthy
and safe seas

The Sea Ranger Service is an international maritime ranger service, established as a social enterprise. The Service employs navy veterans to train youth (including long-term unemployed youth) as Sea Rangers. After their five-week bootcamp training the Sea Rangers assist nations in the management of their Marine Protected Areas, which includes fisheries management and marine landscape regeneration tasks.

Construction of the Sea Rangers’ first expedition vessel is currently underway in the Port of Rotterdam. A circular ship yard named the Dry Dock is also in development, where the next series of Sea Ranger ships will be built.

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Sea Ranger Bootcamp

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp is a unique chance for youth aged 18-26 years to follow 20 maritime training courses during an intense 5 week bootcamp programme. Successful completion of the Sea Ranger Bootcamp gives the youth a chance to become employed as a Sea Ranger for one year, actively carrying out conservation work at sea.

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp is currently only open to youth from The Netherlands.


Sea Ranger Service
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