The start of the Sea Ranger Bootcamp

05 Aug 2020 |

In the coming blogs I will take you to the bootcamp I experienced before I became a Sea Ranger. Over a period of five weeks we were trained by military veterans to prepare us for the Sea Ranger work at sea.

The first day of bootcamp. I was dropped off by a friend, somewhere close to Rotterdam. I took a look from the car at the people who were already waiting. How fit are they? Do I stand a chance? The nerves were screaming through my body. Introducing myself to a big group of unfamiliar people is not my favorite thing to do. I tried to mingle in the conversations of others. There were so many questions, like: Do you know what is going to happen? Are we going to sleep in tents or bunk beds? 

The group was called to order and we were split up in two groups. ‘Stand up straight, don’t talk and start walking!’ Oh boy, we are really going to walk all the way.

In a long line we continued our way carrying our bags and dragging our suitcases through the mud. Luckily, it didn’t take too long and I was relieved when we arrived at the site where we would sleep. We were separated into groups and every group got a group leader, who was instantly bombarded with questions. But they wouldn’t tell us anything. We received a blue overall, a blue jacket and sports clothes. 

The group leader told us: ‘Outside you always wear your overall and at roll call in the morning you wear your jacket on top of it. If someone in this group is too late or shows up in uncomplete uniform, the whole group will be held accountable. A quarter past six you will stand outside in front of the door of your house for room inspections. Everything must be clean, not a crumb on the floor and beds made! Half past six is roll call and morning exercises. Breakfast starts at seven sharp.’

And that was the start of the Sea Ranger Bootcamp. Want to know about how it continues? Read about it in my next blog!