New year, new Sea Rangers

25 Jan 2021 |

Despite the fact that the past year was challenging, it has also been a good year for the Sea Ranger Service, partly because we have completed a successful bootcamp and our team has been expanded with eight new colleagues. 

In October, 27 participants started a new edition of the Sea Ranger Bootcamp under the guidance of five former military members, supported by a social worker and an assessment psychologist. For eight days, they followed an intensive program that focused on personal development, overcoming fears, teamwork and physical challenge. Sleeping outside in a hammock, swimming in ice-cold water, making long hiking trips with heavy loads, but also taking care of each other as a team; these are just a few examples of elements from the bootcamp.

During the second part of the bootcamp, a selection of 20 participants were given the opportunity to sail along with the Sea Ranger crew on board the Sea Ranger Ship to get a taste of the life at sea, to brave the waves and to see who really has the required sea legs. 

At the beginning of November, eight junior Sea Rangers were offered a contract. In December, they followed further training on board the ship and have been sailing since the beginning of this year. The new Sea Rangers are ready and eager to commit themselves to the mission. Whatever this year may bring us, the Sea Ranger Service is ready!