Go behind the scenes of our Euronews feature

22 Feb 2022 | Dan Benham

In case you missed the updates on our social channels, in Early February a crew from Euronews came aboard our ship for a couple of days to interview the crew, see what life is like for the Sea Rangers, and film some of their important research into chlorophyll levels out at sea.

Day 1: Interviewing the crew

On the first day everyone took care of their interviews. Wietse’s interview took place in front of the Fantastiko, with the Sea Ranger Service flags blowing behind.

Sea Rangers Sophie and Nina did their interviews on board the ship. They spoke about their experience of the Sea Ranger Bootcamp, their experience so far of being a Sea Ranger, and the training they’ve gone through.

Day 2: Out at sea

The second day was time to set sail, get out on the sea and do some work. The Sea Rangers needed to conduct some research into chlorophyll levels out at sea, which forms part of crucial climate research carried out in collaboration with the Dutch government, and this was the exact kind of work that the Euronews team wanted to document.

Sea Rangers broadcast worldwide

At long last we can share the finished piece over on our Youtube channel. Get in touch on our social channels to let us know what you think of the Sea Rangers’ television debut.