The Crown Estate deploy UK Sea Rangers

10 May 2024 | Dan Benham

After running our first Sea Ranger Bootcamp in March the Sea Ranger Service has now employed its first UK Sea Rangers. 

For our first UK assignment we are working in the Celtic Sea, in partnership with The Crown Estate, which supports the Sea Ranger Service and its Sea Rangers to carry out wildlife monitoring in the Celtic Sea as part of a multi-year surveying programme in support of floating offshore wind developments. 

Sea Rangers will undertake specific training from operatives from The Crown Estate who will join the crew on board and teach them best practices for observation, monitoring, recording and data processing. When working out at sea, the Sea Rangers will be monitoring sea birds and other marine animals that are off the coast of the UK in the Celtic Sea.

A new home in the UK

Working in the Celtic Sea gives us the opportunity to find a new home in the area and give back to the local communities there. We are pleased that we are now able to call Port Talbot our new UK home.

Speaking on why the decision has been made to work in Port Talbot, Wietse van der Werf, Founder and CEO of the Sea Ranger Service, comments:

“We are proud to bring these new green jobs to Port Talbot, where anticipated redundancies from the steel works will see extensive jobs cuts within the community. These first Sea Rangers have undergone a rigorous bootcamp to get to this point and their hard work really starts now. They are thrilled to be setting sail in May and kickstarting their maritime careers.” 

Andrew Barry, a selected Sea Ranger from Port Talbot who previously served in the Army, said: “I am used to the discipline and structure which Sea Rangers need. Now I can use my skills to make a difference and help protect our UK seas. It’s a dream come true”.

Rebecca Williams, Director for Wales at The Crown Estate comments:

“This is an incredible opportunity for a group of young people from the UK to start a new career and learn how to look after the country’s precious marine environment. We are delighted to support the Sea Ranger Service as it sets out to restore our oceans while giving young people a helping hand.” 

What’s next?

From May 17th Sea Rangers will have completed all their initial training and will be setting sail in search of marine life in the Celtic Sea.

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