The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise combining social impact for marginalised coastal communities with offshore services for ocean conservation and regeneration. Social entrepreneurship in the maritime sector is rare but the rise of the sustainable blue economy is creating a need for innovative approaches and the Sea Ranger Service, working along a new type of impact-first business model, has an important role to play, with young people at the helm.

Ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans will rely on delivering effective environmental stewardship and social benefits, to go hand in hand with the sustainable use of marine resources. The Sea Ranger Service has training expertise and environmental management capacity to offer. The success of our business model is exactly in what some question at first: the uncommon relationship between social, ecological and economic interests. By combining these, problems can become each other’s solutions.

The franchising programme has been developed thanks to the pro bono support from Support from IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka through the Dela Accelerator programme, and PwC in the Netherlands, all of whom provided invaluable strategic, fiscal and legal expertise to design the franchising model.

Explaining our franchise programme

From the outset, the development of the Sea Ranger Service has been focused on scalability. Over the last five years, the Sea Ranger Service has been developed into a unique social enterprise that creates combined social and environmental impact. The opportunity has now arisen to involve new partners and scale the impact globally, through the use of franchising.

The Sea Ranger Academy is a franchising opportunity to create a positive impact for the planet. It includes a training programme for candidate franchisees called Sea Ranger Academy and community activities, as part of a franchisee network that provides added value in learning amongst fellow entrepreneurs on how to increase impact and improve the Sea Ranger Service model collectively.

We envision our ships operating around the world’s oceans by 2030, driving blue economy growth and improving livelihoods for coastal communities, whilst regenerating the most pristine sea regions. The ocean is Earth’s lifeline and with your involvement and commitment, we can work together to ensure more young Sea Rangers can make the difference in safeguarding its future around the globe.

We look forward to talking with you about the franchising options and hope you will decide to submit an application as a next step towards coming on board as a new franchisee within our Sea Ranger community.


Please read our application criteria and frequently asked questions carefully, and get in touch with us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you on board.