Our franchising programme offers you the opportunity to undergo training to establish a Sea Ranger Service, obtain the necessary licensing to train Sea Rangers, operate Sea Ranger ships and carry out offshore services. Ongoing business support is available to all franchisees to grow their commercial results and impact.

Sea Ranger Academy

The Sea Ranger Academy is the training track for new franchisees. Through the academy you are guided in all aspects of establishing and running a Sea Ranger Service franchise.

Mission alignmentThe vision and mission of the global Sea Ranger Service. Core values of the Sea Ranger Service and how to implement them in the day-to-day operation.
EstablishmentHow to set up a Sea Ranger Service meeting all governance and financial management requirements, as well as internal reporting requirements as a franchisee
External affairsDevising an effective external affairs strategy towards government partners, including establishing a partnership with your national navy to assist in training Sea Rangers. How to work with government agencies to set up pilots.
AcquisitionAttracting your first commercial offshore contracts. How to carry out certain assignments such as collecting data at sea. An analysis on what work the growing blue economy may offer Sea Rangers is also included. Public tendering procedures for larger governments contracts.
Training Sea RangersRecruiting Sea Ranger candidates. How to run a Sea Ranger Bootcamp safely and impactful.
Offshore operationsIndustry compliance in ship operations and legal requirements for seafaring crews. Coordination of vessel deployment in the franchise network.
Conservation methodologiesThe Sea Ranger Service works with trusted partners to provide training in validated conservation and nature restoration methodologies.
Social impactHow to recruit young people with a focus on those in unemployment. How to diversify your team, ensuring inclusivity. What’s involved in reintegrating Sea Rangers into maritime jobs. Measuring and publishing impacts. How to attract veterans to train Sea Rangers.


Upon successful completion of the Sea Ranger Academy, participants are offered a franchising agreement which licenses the use of the Sea Ranger training and offshore services standards.

Ongoing business support

Ongoing business support includes advice in meeting the legal and fiscal requirements to run a Sea Ranger Service franchise and network meetings to share best practices with other franchisees. Existing franchisees will also undergo additional training in the Sea Ranger Academy.

Want to learn more

Please read our application criteria and frequently asked questions carefully, and get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you on board the Sea Ranger Service.