Rabobank Foundation

The Rabo Foundation was founded in 1974 to offer vulnerable people in groups in the Netherlands and far beyond a better future perspective by investing in their self-reliance. The foundation is to date one of the key investors in the Sea Ranger Service.

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DOEN Foundation

The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives from people who are not afraid to take risks while putting their pioneering ideas into practice and inspire others. DOEN is one of the key investors in the Sea Ranger Service.

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Randstad is a global leader in recruitment and employability solutions. As one of the core partners of the Sea Ranger Service, Randstad assists in offering additional employment opportunities for those participating in the Sea Ranger Bootcamp.

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NL Sailing

Our starting point is to enjoy at sea and always return a wealth of experience richer in the port of Scheveningen. With our planned approach according to CWO or RYA method we guarantee the best level of education at the North Sea. By participating in competitions you learn to act quickly and efficiently and on international journeys you can put the learned into practice during a fantastic journey.

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Dioraphte is a charitable fund that supports social initiatives. The Sea Ranger Service received a contribution from Dioraphte for the Sea Ranger Bootcamp in 2020.

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STC-KNRM is an Offshore Training centre situated on a unique spot in the port of Rotterdam. As an Offshore Training centre we passionately ensure that everyone working at sea can safely return to their homes.



Als kind of jongere heb je het recht om gelukkig en veilig op te groeien. Om trots te zijn op wat je kunt. Zelfvertrouwen is immers de beste basis om weerbaar in het leven te staan. Ook als het tegenzit. Want opgroeien is niet altijd gemakkelijk. Daar kan je soms wel wat hulp bij gebruiken. Enver biedt dat graag. Ook helpen we ouders bij het opvoeden. We bieden ondersteuning dicht bij huis. Samen brengen we de ontwikkeling van kinderen en jongeren weer op het goede spoor. Zodat zij en hun ouders sterker weer verder kunnen.

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As marine educators, ProSea has supported the Sea Ranger Service in offering maritime awareness training for the Sea Rangers, ensuring we stay on top of our broader knowledge on marine issues as we actively work in marine stewardship.

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CityLab010 is a funding initiative by the City of Rotterdam to drive forward innovations for the city. The Sea Ranger Service was awarded support in 2017 to assist with running the first Sea Ranger Bootcamp, for which Rotterdam youths were initially recruited.

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