Tax exemption status

The Sea Ranger Service is a project of the Sea Ranger Foundation. Since 1 January 2019, the Foundation has been issues with a tax exemption by the Dutch tax agency.

Sea Ranger Foundation
Pieterstraat 11
3512 JT Utrecht
The Netherlands
[email protected]

Chamber of Commerce registration: 66222370
Tax registration: 856449659

Board and remuneration policy: Beth Thoren (chairman), Eric Schunselaar (Treasurer), Frank de Bekker (secretary). The board of the Sea Ranger Foundation does not receive any compensation. The Sea Ranger Foundation has its own salary policy for management and permanent employees. Sea Ranger Foundation employs one director (Wietse van der Werf) and a general director (Effie Baert). For the full team, see our team page.

Objectives: The foundation’s aims to:
a) combating youth unemployment, by facilitating maritime education pathways for unemployed young people;
b) supporting the reintegration of former defence personnel through employment pathways;
c) protecting life at sea, by deploying and operating ships in the open sea;
d) management of protected marine areas, through projects that promote citizen participation;
e) adding landscape values in protected sea areas, by carrying out landscape restoration.

Policy plan: The Sea Ranger Foundation will maintain its accrued status as a maritime ranger service in the coming period and will focus on further expanding its working area at sea with new bootcamp training for young Sea Rangers and the construction of new Sea Ranger ships. Expansion of the model abroad will take place in the coming years by means of a social franchising model. The full policy plan is available here (in Dutch).

Accountability: For an up-to-date report of the activities carried out and financial accountability, please refer to our recent annual reports on the governance page.