The Sea Ranger Service seeks impact-driven entrepreneurs to join its franchisee network that have business know-how and experience, strong personal competencies and financial possibilities to start up a Sea Ranger Service franchise. 

Setting up a Sea Ranger Service franchise is about having a true passion for the company’s social oceans mission. However, it equally requires professional business skills to run the franchise business efficiently and successfully. In order to achieve the desired financial and impact results, the Sea Ranger Service welcomes experienced and proven entrepreneurs to apply.

Candidates can come from different backgrounds, either from other social businesses, conservation organisations, the maritime sector, consultancies or the military. Core criteria are a true entrepreneurial spirit, being a good team player and having advanced experience in project management, as well as availability to commit at least 5 years full-time to establishing a Sea Ranger Service franchise.

Mission and values alignment

Primary criteria is alignment with the Sea Ranger Service mission, set impact goals and core values. These are the backbone of who the Sea Ranger Service is as an organisation, why it exists and forms the glue between all involved as a team. In working with franchisees who can put the mission and values into practice, the company furthers its mission, utilising unique local knowledge to increase impact globally.

Business know-how

Entrepreneurial experience and knowledge on how to set up and run a successful business are essential attributes for a successful franchisee candidate. This involves developing new business plans, applying for grant funding, enticing investors to come onboard, acquisitioning new contracted assignments, building lasting partnerships across multiple business sectors, working with government agencies and building an effective team to run the Sea Ranger Service franchise.

Personal competencies

Entrepreneurial spirit is a must, yet equally important is a willingness to be part of, and work well within, the Sea Ranger Service model framework. Successful candidates have a strong team spirit to work well within the Sea Ranger Service franchise network and have the fortitude to make the collaboration fruitful.

Social competencies in the form of good communication skills and leadership skills are also essential, especially in order to formulate and execute a clear vision of how to build up and grow a franchise business.

Financial possibilities

Starting a Sea Ranger Service franchise is also a personal, full-time commitment from the franchisee candidate. As such, simultaneous work for other projects or organisations is not realistic. As with any new business, the franchise requires investment to start up and is unlikely to be profitable for some years, meaning financial risks need to be taken into account. This is a consideration that will be discussed as part of the application process.

Selection criteria

  • Shared values and passion for the social and environmental issues the Sea Ranger Service works to achieve.

  • At least two people to apply for the franchise opportunity within a specific territory. Applicants are to work within a dedicated professional relationship (no couples).

  • We are currently only accepting applications to establish franchises in France, Spain or the UK. Over the coming years different territories will be opened up to the franchising opportunity, including outside of Europe.

  • Having an existing personal professional network within the territory (maritime, government, conservation, youth work).

  • Native to the territory where the applicant seeks to start the franchise or having been a resident in the territory for at least 10 years and speaking the language fluently.

  • Proven experience in business, non-profit and project management.

  • Unquestioned integrity, no criminal record, working to highest governance standards.

  • Ability to provide 6 professional references.

  • Ability to fundraise an initial 10.000 EUR training fee if accepted.

  • Ability to fundraise an initial 50.000 EUR franchise start-up fee if accepted.

  • Ability to be available for the Sea Ranger Academy training programme if accepted.

  • Willing and able to go the extra mile – commitment of at least 5 years to get the franchise established in the territory.

  • Fluent in English speaking and writing.

Does this sound like you?

If you think you meet all of the criteria above but still have unanswered questions, please read our FAQ page, or get in touch if you don’t see your question answered. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you on board the Sea Ranger Service.