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Join the groundbreaking social franchising programme for entrepreneurs serious about accelerating positive impact for the planet. Becoming part of our growing franchise network sets you up to train Sea Rangers, establish your own Sea Ranger Service and work with governments to revive oceans worldwide. Watch the video, see what’s on offer and apply today!

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Our impact

Social Impact

By training young people as Sea Rangers, the Sea Ranger Service offers unique employment opportunities which sets up participants to kickstart a career in the growing sustainable blue economy.

Biodiversity Restoration

Sea Rangers are increasingly involved in restoration of ocean biodiversity. By reviving seagrass meadows, coral reefs and oyster beds, marine wildlife gets a chance to rewild and the ocean’s ability to mitigate climate change is strengthened.

Ship Fantastiko
Emission reduction

Operating special sailing work vessels, which are primarily powered by wind, yet which are constructed and operated along strict industry standards, the Sea Ranger Service greatly reduces emissions output for offshore services.

Ocean Entrepreneurship

Being in the business of producing positive impact for the planet, the Sea Ranger Service is run on the principles of an impact-first business model. As innovative ocean entrepreneurs we work to revive oceans worldwide.

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