What is the Sea Ranger Bootcamp?

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp is a unique opportunity for young people between 18 and 29 years old to challenge themselves and further their personal development. Afterwards, you can be selected for a paid job as a Sea Ranger, where you will work to protect the sea and gain work experience on our sailing work ships. As a new Sea Ranger, you will work with us for a year. After receiving internal training, you will be offered a full-time employment contract.

What will I learn?


We will teach you the basics of ocean sailing and you will be tested during a week of sailing far offshore. Will you continue as Sea Ranger after the Bootcamp? Then you follow additional courses towards a commercial rating to Rating Deck after one year at sea.


An important part of the Sea Ranger training is fitness and sports. Sea Rangers remain in top shape at all times. Does it appeal to you to be physically challenged? Then the Bootcamp is definitely for you.


Participating in the Sea Ranger Bootcamp will make you a stronger person, both physically and mentally. Personal development and growth are a priority and attention is given to recognizing and pushing your own personal boundaries.


A crew of a ship must be a strong team. Tasks are distributed and executed on board as a smooth-running machine. How do you listen to each other better and work optimally together? Our Bootcamp instructors know what to do!

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Ervaringen van deelnemers

“Tough but super educational, I have gained a lot of self confidence, discipline, perseverance and success!”

Juliette van Overbeek

A very educational Bootcamp where you can discover who you really are, what you can do, where you can grow and what you really want. You will do things you never imagined.”

Ramona Berthold

“Besides the physical and mental challenges, which I really enjoyed, the bootcamp has given me thorough insights in who I am as a person, what I have to offer and what I look for in the things I do.”

Thierry van Veggel

At first I saw the Bootcamp as a selection process, more like a hazing process. The Bootcamp was far from that. During the week I learned a lot about myself, I got to meet a lot of nice people.”

Maud Mulder

I was a little bit lost. I wanted to do this Bootcamp to rediscover who I am. This was perfect because you had to do a lot of tasks and deal with people. You evaluate everything, with each other and with your team leader. As a result, you get to know your characteristics so that you are able to develop quickly.”

Vera Hoogenberg

“It was tough but extremely cool. Not knowing what to expect was something I wasn’t used to at all and, although I sometimes struggled, it was a nice way to get out of my comfort zone. “

Isaak Stoel

Sea Ranger works at sea

who can join?

At this moment the Sea Ranger Bootcamp only takes place in the Netherlands, Europe, with all training in Dutch. The Sea Ranger Service expects its work to be scaled internationally from 2021 onwards, after which Sea Ranger Bootcamps will likely be organised in other countries also.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will a Bootcamp be organised in my country?

    At the moment this is uncertain. We are in the process of developing our franchising programme, with which we aim to attract entrepreneurs that will work to set up national Sea Ranger franchises from 2021 onwards. If a new Sea Ranger Service is established in your country, a Sea Ranger Bootcamp will be one of the first activities organised. Please sign up to our newsletter so you follow all the news of our international expansion.

  • Can I sign up to join the Bootcamp in The Netherlands?

    If you speak Dutch fluently and meet the following criteria, you can sign up.

    ✓ You have participated in an (online) info event
    ✓ You are 18-29 years old on the start date of the Bootcamp
    ✓ You are motivated to successfully complete the Bootcamp
    ✓ You can swim
    ✓ You speak and write Dutch fluently
    ✓ You are in possession of a valid EU passport or ID card

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