Veteran support

The Sea Ranger Service honours the sacrifice made by military veterans in their line of duty. The experience they bring back into civilian life is valuable, in particular in regards to training new Sea Rangers in the structure and discipline which is required of them. The Sea Ranger Service offers employment opportunities to ex-servicemen and women in the training of new Sea Ranger recruits.

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp team in 2018, part of which was staffed by military veterans.

Focus during the bootcamp training is on team building, survival techniques and personal development. Veterans have developed the training methodologies now used to train and select new Sea Rangers and through their involvement, veterans can share their leadership skills with a younger generation. The Sea Ranger Service is committed to creating employment opportunities for ex-servicemen and women as coaches during upcoming bootcamps, as well in all other job vacancies in the Sea Ranger Service.

Have you left service and are interested in working with us? Or would you like to support our work with veterans? Please do not hesitate to contact us.