Baltic Lifejackets

Baltic lifejackets are now used onboard the Sea Ranger Service ship, keeping the Sea Rangers safe while they carry out the work offshore.

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The Turing Foundation

The Turing Foundation was founded in July 2006 by Pieter and Françoise Geelen. The name of the foundation honours Alan Turing, the British scientist who is regarded by many as the founder of modern computer science. The foundation has four main objectives for grantmaking: education, art, nature conservation and leprosy research. The Turing Foundation support us with our seagrass restoration work.

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Dutch Postcode Lottery

The National Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 to support charities that work towards a just, healthy and green world. The lottery raises funds for its charities and publicises their work. At the Postcode Lottery, your postcode is your lottery number. This way you win together with your neighbours. Meanwhile, 3 million participants participate in the lottery. Each month participants have a chance to win hundreds of thousands of prizes and support 148 charitable organisations with at least 40 percent of the ticket price. Since the establishment of the Postcode Lottery, more than 7.3 billion euros has been donated to people and nature. The Sea Ranger Service and many other organisations receive support every year. The Postcode Lottery and the VriendenLoterij form the National Charity Lotteries Holding. As a Dutch tradition, these lotteries are included on the Inventory of Intangible Heritage (UNESCO) list. The Postcode Lottery format is also active in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and Norway. The Charity Lotteries together with the lotteries in these countries are the third largest private lender to charities in the world.

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Ashoka is the world's most renowned changemaker network of social entrepreneurs. Founder of the Sea Ranger Service, Wietse van der Werf, was elected Ashoka Fellow in 2018 and the Ashoka network has since supported the further development and growth of the organisation in numerous ways. A core partner that truly understands the systems change thinking applied in the Sea Ranger model.

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Rabobank Foundation

The Rabo Foundation was founded in 1974 to offer vulnerable people in groups in the Netherlands and far beyond a better future perspective by investing in their self-reliance. The foundation is to date one of the key investors in the Sea Ranger Service.

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DOEN Foundation

The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives from people who are not afraid to take risks while putting their pioneering ideas into practice and inspire others. DOEN is one of the key investors in the Sea Ranger Service.

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PwC has been a core partner to the Sea Ranger Service and instrumental in its further development. In particular, PwC has been assisted the Sea Ranger Service in designing its social franchising model, to scale its impact globally.

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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen’s outerwear, base layers, sportswear and footwear are sold in more than 40 countries and trusted by outdoor professionals and enthusiasts around the world. To learn more about Helly Hansen’s latest collections, visit the website.

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Utrecht University

Utrecht University is an international research university of high standing. It has a strong connection to the city of Utrecht with its roots dating back to 1636. Researchers at the university are involved in researching and validating various aspects of the Sea Ranger Service approach.

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Troost Accountants

Ben je op zoek naar een accountantskantoor voor het mkb? Naar een adviseur die ook echt naast je staat? Die net als jij betrokken is en ondernemend? Die meer houdt van vooruitkijken dan de blik naar achteren wenden? Want daar is het immers te doen. Daar liggen de kansen voor verdere groei. Wij zijn zo’n kantoor. Informeel in de omgang. Direct in onze communicatie. Altijd gericht op het beste resultaat voor jou.

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Randstad is a global leader in recruitment and employability solutions. As one of the core partners of the Sea Ranger Service, Randstad assists in offering additional employment opportunities for those participating in the Sea Ranger Bootcamp.

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Providing the Sea Ranger Service with an operational base in the city of Den Helder, in the very north-westerly part of The Netherlands, Willemsoord is a crucial partner in supporting the operational work of the Sea Rangers. The organisation is grateful for their continued support.

Willemsoord >

Stichting Vivace

The Vivace Foundation is one of the investors in the Sea Ranger Service. As a family fund, Vivace supports initiatives in the Netherlands to promote art, culture and the conservation of biodiversity in water.

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Fantastiko is a charter ship used by the Sea Ranger Service to carry out offshore services. The vessel has been instrumental in the first pilots to test the viability of the Sea Ranger approach at sea.

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Oya Seed

Social entrepreneurs are addressing the most pressing societal and ecological challenges of our time. Oya Seed supports these changemakers by providing them with capital and access to a professional network. Oya Seed is one of the investors in the Sea Ranger Service.

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Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh

Windt Le Grand Leeuwenburgh is one of the legal partners of the Sea Ranger Service and supports the organisation with legal advice on a variety of issues. The Sea Ranger Service is grateful for the firm's continued support.

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North Sea Farmers

Accelerate and strengthen the impact-driven seaweed sector, that is the commitment of North Sea Farmers Foundation. They do this by creating a healthy and strong value chain, in and from The Netherlands. The Sea Ranger Service works with the foundation to further this innovation with offshore capacity to test and validate the effectiveness of the Sea Ranger vessels to assist in maintenance work at offshore seaweed farms.

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Ministry of Environment

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Food Quality co-signed the Green Deal Sea Ranger Service in December 2018, making it one of the core government partners for the Sea Ranger initiative.

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NL Sailing

Our starting point is to enjoy at sea and always return a wealth of experience richer in the port of Scheveningen. With our planned approach according to CWO or RYA method we guarantee the best level of education at the North Sea. By participating in competitions you learn to act quickly and efficiently and on international journeys you can put the learned into practice during a fantastic journey.

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Dioraphte is a charitable fund that supports social initiatives. The Sea Ranger Service received a contribution from Dioraphte for the Sea Ranger Bootcamp in 2020.

Dioraphte >


STC-KNRM is an Offshore Training centre situated on a unique spot in the port of Rotterdam. As an Offshore Training centre we passionately ensure that everyone working at sea can safely return to their homes.


Bekker-la Bastide-Fund

The Bekker-la Bastide Fund is a maritime-related family fund which has financially supported the training of the Sea Rangers.

Bekker-la Bastide-Fund >


Tooluka was the first sailing ship the Sea Rangers ever sailed on for their first work activities. Tooluka, owned by renowned sailor Eef Willems, is not used by the Sea Ranger Service any more but the organisation is forever grateful for the opportunity to have been able to use the vessel in its early days.

Tooluka >


Als kind of jongere heb je het recht om gelukkig en veilig op te groeien. Om trots te zijn op wat je kunt. Zelfvertrouwen is immers de beste basis om weerbaar in het leven te staan. Ook als het tegenzit. Want opgroeien is niet altijd gemakkelijk. Daar kan je soms wel wat hulp bij gebruiken. Enver biedt dat graag. Ook helpen we ouders bij het opvoeden. We bieden ondersteuning dicht bij huis. Samen brengen we de ontwikkeling van kinderen en jongeren weer op het goede spoor. Zodat zij en hun ouders sterker weer verder kunnen.

Enver >


Vriezoo is a Dutch based company specialised in ROV inspections, bringing capacity for underwater inspections. The Sea Ranger Service works together with Vriezoo to develop its ROV programme.

Vriezoo >

IHC Foundation

The overall objective of the IHC Foundation, established in 2012, is to support charitable projects in countries where the company conducts its business activities and where its employees are directly involved in operations. The foundation supported the Sea Ranger Service with a one of donation.

IHC Foundation >

Boelen Marine

Boelen Marine is a company priding itself on delivering quality installation and finishing work in ships interiors. It works with Sea Ranger Ships on the construction of sailing work vessels.

Boelen Marine >

Mirko Hoette


Mirko Hoette >

Object Guild

Object Guild develops simple software solutions with a focus on human beings to increase impact of purpose-driven organizations. Object Guild has supported the Sea Ranger Service in developing tailor-made IT solutions.

Object Guild >


With strong roots in editorial design, we are trained to work as visual storytellers. Over the years, this way of working has led to a unique approach to concept development using all sorts of (digital) media. Within our Lava Lab we challenge our clients to experiment and research new opportunities in design & technology.


Scandia Gear

Our immense product line is defined by its superior strength, style, and durability; our reputation, by competitive pricing and rapid delivery from stock. Leading products include coveralls, immersion suits, footwear, gloves, galley wear, and equipment and apparel for work in extreme temperatures. To us, superior protection and a proper fit are inseparable qualities.

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Schmidt Marine Technology Partners

Schmidt Marine Technology Partners is a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation that supports the development of ocean technologies with compelling conservation and research applications, as well as strong commercialization potential.

Schmidt Marine Technology Partners >


As marine educators, ProSea has supported the Sea Ranger Service in offering maritime awareness training for the Sea Rangers, ensuring we stay on top of our broader knowledge on marine issues as we actively work in marine stewardship.

ProSea >


NIOZ is een toonaangevend marien onderzoeksinstituut dat uitstekende wetenschap produceert. De vier mariene onderzoeksafdelingen zijn allemaal wereldleiders, gemeten aan de hand van onderzoeksresultaten van de hoogste kwaliteit of belangrijke prijzen, en een uitstekende staat van externe onderzoeksfinanciering. Dit alles maakt duidelijk dat het NIOZ wereldwijd een van de meest invloedrijke oceanografische onderzoeksinstituten is.


Ministry of Infrastructure

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management co-signed the Green Deal Sea Ranger Service in December 2018, making it one of the core government partners for the Sea Ranger initiative.

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Future for Nature

Future For Nature ondersteunt jonge, getalenteerde en ambitieuze natuurbeschermers die zich inzetten voor de bescherming van soorten wilde dieren en planten. De toewijding van deze individuen zal het verschil maken voor de toekomst van de natuur. Via hun leiderschap inspireren en mobiliseren zij gemeenschappen, organisaties, overheden, investeerders en het grote publiek.

Future for Nature >


CityLab010 is a funding initiative by the City of Rotterdam to drive forward innovations for the city. The Sea Ranger Service was awarded support in 2017 to assist with running the first Sea Ranger Bootcamp, for which Rotterdam youths were initially recruited.

Citylab010 >

Sint Laurensfonds

Sint Laurensfonds supports vulnerable groups in Rotterdam and assists with opportunities for young people to build independent lives. The fund has supported the Sea Ranger Service in organising its first bootcamp, training Rotterdam youths, amongst others as Sea Rangers.

Sint Laurensfonds >


As a trailblazing outdoor clothing company, Patagonia has spearheaded environmental grantmaking, supporting often small, grassroots organisations making a positive impact for the environment around them. Patagonia was one of the very first funders to the Sea Ranger Service, even when the official organisation had not yet been founded.

Patagonia >

One Ocean Crew

This all-female team will be braving the Atlantic Ocean in 2021 to cross it with just a rowing boat in the most epic cross-ocean race on the planet. They will do so to highlight the plight of oceans and to raise funds for the Sea Ranger Service. We are incredibly grateful for their support and proud to have them sporting the Sea Ranger colours while achieving this monstrous row.

One Ocean Crew >

Ministry of Social Affairs

The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment co-signed the Green Deal Sea Ranger Service in December 2018, making it one of the core government partners for the Sea Ranger initiative.

Ministry of Social Affairs >

City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam. There's always more to discover. Make it happen.

City of Rotterdam >

Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy co-signed the Green Deal Sea Ranger Service in December 2018, making it one of the core government partners for the Sea Ranger initiative.

Ministry of Economic Affairs >

The Idea Tree

The Idea Tree is een levendig, uniek adviesbureau dat is gevestigd aan de westkust van Canada en zich richt op strategie, onderzoek en sociale media voor milieuorganisaties en -groepen over de hele wereld.

The Idea Tree >

het Duikhuis

Playing dolphins in turquoise waters. Huge rays in a blue sea. Shipwrecks that take you back in time. Is it time to enter the world under water? You can start immediately with the first diving course! Step inside Het Duikhuis in the Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam regions for the PADI Open Water Diver course in a form that suits you best. Learn to dive and make your world twice as big!

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