Wietse van der Werf

Founder, CEO
Wietse founded the Sea Ranger Service in 2016 after having worked at various international conservation organisations in more than 10 countries over 20 years yet seeing an opportunity for a more pragmatic approach to increasing conservation capacity. His work approach has been widely celebrated as an innovative model which brings together public and private partners to realise necessary ‘boots on the ground’ for increased environmental protection.

Currently responsible for the company’s overseas expansion, Wietse is building a global network of governments, agencies, investors and entrepreneurs to scale the work of the Sea Ranger Service and its social and sustainable impact. Wietse is also involved in the recruitment and training of new Sea Ranger Service franchisees and leads the international Sea Ranger holding company.

Eric Schunselaar

Chair of the Board
Eric is a Rotterdam entrepreneur and owner of diving school Het Duikhuis. After years of working in the investment industry, he now manages the Sea Ranger Service with his financial expertise.

Milou van der Ven


Riemert Moleman

Riemert has worked in a maritime environment for the past 37 years. Starting in the navy, then switching to safety training for the maritime industry. For ten years he was responsible for operations at the KNRM (Dutch offshore lifeboat organisation) and is now back in the field of safety training as director of STC-KNRM in Rotterdam. Developing, maintaining skills, and safe sailing with small fast boats, runs through Riemert's working life as a common thread. He fully endorses the mission and vision of the Sea Ranger Service and supports the organisation with his professional expertise.

Effie Baert

Chief Development Officer (CDO)
Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Effie started her own company while still at University. Working for various clients in the cultural and sustainable food sector, she developed herself from production assistant to project manager. She has additionally worked for different start-ups and has set up her own project, championing young word artists by giving them a stage when nothing like this existed at the time. Across all aspects of her work Effie focusses on making connection and looking for ways we can learn from one another. Her strong belief is that together we are greater than the sum of our parts and joy and wisdom are found in our journeys together.

After four years of building and further developing the Sea Ranger Service as its General Manager, Effie now heads our international expansion through the development of our franchise model. She is further responsible for our franchising programme and its ongoing development. Selecting and training new franchisees, giving ongoing support, building the community and making sure innovation is spearheaded are all part of her daily activities.

Christel Pullens

Managing Director
Christel brings nearly 25 years of technical and commercial experience in shipbuilding and offshore on board. She uses this knowledge to ensure that the clear goals that the Sea Ranger Service has set for the coming years are met. Christel fully supports the organisation's mission and sees an important personal match in core values on sustainability.

Eefje Verhoeven

Operations Manager
From the age of seventeen, Eefje sailed around the world as first mate and captain, after which she continued her impressive career as an onshore and safety manager for shipping companies, as captain for Rijkswaterstaat and as senior route analyst at MeteoGroup. The ideal background for the role of Operations Manager in which she is the indispensable link between shore staff and the operational service.

Dan Benham

Head of Communications
Having been active in the creative industry for 15 years, Dan has worked with charities and ethical organisations of all sizes. During the pandemic he co-founded a social enterprise to help young people find work. His interest and passion for sustainability and environmental issues has lead him to his role at the Sea Ranger Service, as a way to have more of an impact on the world and create a positive future for the coming generations.

Kees de Vries

External Affairs
Former director of one of the Netherlands largest maritime employers organizations. With this professional background, Kees is now an integral part of the Sea Ranger Service and coordinates external relations with government agencies and investors.

Lieve Baert

Financial Administrator
With years of experience as a business manager in the art world and financial manager in the industrial design world, Lieve also shapes our financial administration. Whether people make theater, design motorcycles or train Sea Rangers, Lieve likes to ensure that creative people can do their job without the risk of creative accounting.

Ed Bergman

Bootcamp Leader
After leaving school Ed joined the Marine Corps and served there in various positions for 37 years. After this he started his own company in obstacle runs and giving bootcamp lessons. Ed now works with our future Sea Rangers as our Bootcamp leader.
Pieter de Haas

Pieter de Haas

Social Worker
People in nature, nature in people. These are the principles that Pieter applies as a social worker/mental coach at the Sea Ranger Service. All team members can approach Pieter for inspiration, coaching and advice. This enables them to fully deploy their talents for nature and the environment all over the world.

Ton Lukassen

Bootcamp Instructor
As a sports instructor at the Ministry of Defence since 1978, Ton has worked outside in nature all his life. Conducting exercises in Canada, Sweden and Curacao among others with mostly young people, was the ideal preparation to guide the Bootcamp as an instructor.

Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Dr. Phelps Bondaroff is an expert in illegal fishing, and his work has played a central role in efforts to redefine illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing as organized crime. Located in beautiful British Columbia (Canada), he gladly applies his extensive research skills to support the work of the Sea Ranger Service.

Onno Nieuman

Liaison Den Helder
After more than 30 years in the Royal Dutch Navy, Onno is still not done with the oceans. As liaison within walking distance of our operational base in Den Helder, he is our helping hand for all kinds of support needed. If he is not working, he also likes to go out to sea on his own sailing yacht.

Sinem Akgün

Assessment Psychologist
How do you make sure you select the right people for your starting organization? Gutfeeling is important, but the verdict of an assessment psychologist also counts heavily for us. With a lot of fun, sharp questions and practical experience, Sinem Akgün-Smit has been supporting us for quite some time when it comes to selecting the best people!
One of our captains, Martijn Boucher

Martijn Boucher

After sailing from young age with his parents, he wanted to learn more about sailing the oceans on the big, tall ships. In 2015 he joined the Bark Europa for the first time and wanted to make a sailing career after all the great adventures. He Started with maritime studies at the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool, and started working as officer on the Wylde Swan, by the time he’d finished there he was captain.

After sailing the North and South Atlantic, and the Southern Ocean it was time to take care of our own North Sea. He is now working for the Sea Ranger Service as captain and enjoys training the young Sea Rangers, and nurturing their love of the sea.

Cedric Van Overstraeten

Crew Coordinator
Less sailing, more planning! After three years working as a Sea Ranger, Cedric knows all too well what the crew faces whilst at sea. This makes him well equipped in his new slightly less salty role as Crew Coordinator where he is responsible for setting the schedule and anything crew or ship related.

Josefien Krijgsman

Senior Sea Ranger
Josefien exchanged horsepower for windpower, because her education to work with horses didn't bring what she was looking for. She gave up her job as a waitress when she could start sailing at the Sea Ranger Bootcamp. She just wants to feel the wind in her hair every day!

Mike Bentvelzen

Senior Sea Ranger
As a host in the hospitality industry, Mike was at the service of his guests. Now he is at the service of the sea!

Juliëtte van Overbeek

Senior Sea Ranger
After travelling New Zealand she found a new passion for nature and sailing, so when she heard about Sea Ranger Service the decision to apply for the bootcamp and become a Sea Ranger, was easily made.

Thierry van Veggel

Senior Sea Ranger
Although he was working his passion making cocktails behind the bar, Thierry knew he had to shake things up even more in his life. As soon as he found out about the Sea Ranger Service he listened to his inner compass and signed up. Now, he is proudly wearing the title of Sea Ranger and finally working where he wanted to be for years: at sea.

Bart Stegewerns

Sea Ranger
With an academic background in product design, Bart’s presence at sea might seem a little off-track. It makes sense when you know he has been instilled with a passion for sailing, which leaves him restless on land. He joined the Sea Ranger Service to combine this passion, with working for a better future for our oceans. He spends his free time taking part in regattas, and passing on this passion to children at Scheveningen.

Susan van Ewijk

Sea Ranger
For a long time, Susan has been looking for a way to protect the waves that she loves to surf, in a job that aims to make a positive impact. At the Sea Ranger Service it all comes together and she is excited to embark on this new adventure.

Tim Moons

Sea Ranger
As a Sea Ranger Tim hopes to improve the wellbeing of the sea, and inspire people to do the same. When not working as a Sea Ranger, Tim spends time at his theatre club where he likes to do improvisation exercises and help directors with their plays. Furthermore he enjoys exercise, specifically rock climbing and running.

Sophie Hankinson

Sea Ranger
As she loves to be outdoors and studied Sustainable Development, Sophie found a job that fits perfectly with these two interests. When she is not on board working as a Sea Ranger, you can find Sophie taking training in Krav Maga, practicing photography, jogging, surfing, or sitting in a comfy chair with a good book.

Mathieu Van Steenberghe

Sea Ranger
As a surfer, it comes naturally to Mathieu to concern himself with the welfare of the ocean, and everything that relies on it. Now, he can put his abundance of energy into the Sea Ranger Service, and contribute to change on a bigger scale.

Nina Hubers

Sea Ranger
After working in an office, Nina discovered she would be better suited in a hands on job. Whilst traveling she found a love for diving and the ocean. After working as a beach lifeguard she knew for sure she needed a job that involved her love of the water, and found what she was looking for in becoming a Sea Ranger.

Tim Commandeur

Sea Ranger
During his holidays Tim enjoys seeking out adventure in the shape of climbing, cycling, or skiing. He has trouble sticking to one hobby and in his free time you'll find him playing guitar, taking analogue photographs, or fixing up an old watch. After studying Electrical Engineering he is looking forward to switching it up and exploring the world of sailing aboard the Fantastiko as a Sea Ranger.