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Our Mission

We provide maritime training, employment and coaching opportunities to young people in coastal areas. Simultaneously we deliver offshore services to assist governments with the management, conservation and restoration of oceans.

Sea Rangers employed so far
seagrass seeds planted
women participants
€5m +
contracts value serviced
A female Sea Ranger in uniform posing in front of a sea scape.

Enabling the next generation

The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise on a mission to enable the next generation to make nature and people futureproof. Working with government agencies, industry partners and local authorities, we offer unique training and employment opportunities to young people as a stepping stone into a maritime career, whilst managing and restoring oceans.

What’s new?

The Crown Estate deploy UK Sea Rangers

After running the first Sea Ranger Bootcamp in March, the Sea Ranger Service has now employed its first UK Sea…

Three Sea Rangers in waders and Sea Ranger jackets, working in the Eastern Scheldt estuary in the south of The Netherlands, restoring seagrass.
Seagrass gets crucial funding boost

To turn the tide, and help implement large-scale seagrass restoration, the Sea Ranger Service co-founded The Seagrass Consortium in…

A male and female Sea Ranger, dressed in red Sea Ranger uniform, are sailing a ship. The ocean can be seen in the background.
Sea Ranger Service starts UK recruitment

This exciting next step in our company’s journey comes off the back of a successful year that has seen us…

2023: Recap of a year of Sea Ranger growth

We trained more Sea Rangers We started the year recruiting new Sea Rangers. In another Sea Ranger Bootcamp, we put…

In the media

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    Addressing the gender gap in ocean-based careers
    The Smarter Way To Protect Our Planet: Include Everyone.
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    Sea Rangers save oceans from pollution - and plant seagrass
    The climate super power that brings jobs and prosperity
A Sea Ranger dressed in a red uniform is looking over the side of a navy blue ship at the ocean, undertaking hydrographic surveying.
Case studies

Hydrographic surveying

Over the past two years the Sea Ranger Service carried out two hydrographic surveying pilots, to validate the effectiveness of a sailing work vessel carrying out such work.

Video resources

Euronews features the Sea Ranger Service

Check out this feature by Euronews on the work of the Sea Ranger Service.

Announcing the Sea Ranger Academy

Our new training programme for candidate franchisees.

Sea Ranger Bootcamp 2023

A look behind the scenes at the Sea Ranger Bootcamp 2023.

Drones inspect for pollution

Sea Rangers worked with the Dutch government on a new inspection pilot.

Unique shipbuilding financing secured

The Sea Ranger Service is able to construct its new ship thanks to the support from investors.

Scaling impact with Sea Ranger Service

A collaboration with IKEA social entrepreneurship to scale the impact of the Sea Ranger Service.

    Featured partners

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