From jack of all trades to Sea Ranger

10 Jul 2020 |

After my education in civil engineering I had no idea what I wanted to do. One thing I knew was that I didn’t want to spend hours drawing building plans behind my computer. I wanted to do something active, outside in nature and preferably in defence of nature. I had a lot of different jobs. I worked in a gift shop, cleaned houses and worked as a hostess at events. Meanwhile, I was constantly looking for the perfect job that had to be out there. 

It was my father that gave me the tip about working as a Sea Ranger. He would always listen to the radio and one day he came home and said: ‘Nais, I have heard something and it seems like a perfect fit for you. It’s a new company that protects marine protected areas using a sailing ship. Like a park ranger but at sea instead. They are looking for employees! They will hold a bootcamp that you can sign up for. If you are allowed to join you will learn a lot of stuff. Sea sailing, scuba diving, marine biology and first aid! During the training you will be guided by marine veterans.’

Immediately I looked up the website of the Sea Ranger Service. And yes! This was my dream job. I thought it was really great to meet new people, have new experiences and to do something for nature. I read about the bootcamp, how you would be challenged in different ways and learn a lot. At the end of the bootcamp 12 participants would be selected to become Sea Rangers. I searched for the application form, but I was too late! I could only submit for the reserve list. Feeling disappointed, I closed my laptop. I will wait until next year, I thought. 

However, the idea was now stuck in my head. I wanted to work on a sailing ship, so the next morning I signed up for the reserve list. A couple of days later I got a message back with an online test I had to fill out. ‘Yes, one step further.’ After that I got a call and was invited for the physical selection day. I was very nervous for the tests that consisted of various sport challenges and collaborative assignments. Now I just had to wait for the results. 

A couple of weeks later I got the call: I made it through! I could have never imagined that when I first signed up. Super hyped and excited I immediately I started to prepare myself in the best way I could. I started working out more to get fitter and got together everything I needed to survive the bootcamp: rain gear, warm sweaters, sports clothes, good running shoes etc. I was ready!

So for anyone that doesn’t know for sure if you should sign up or not, or if you think this is never going to happen: Just do it! You never know how things turn out. 

Are you curious about my experience of the bootcamp? In the next blog, I will tell you everything about it. Keep an eye on the website!