How we handle your data


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies from 25 May 2018. Under this new EU privacy law, the safe and lawful processing of personal data of all parties involved in the Sea Ranger Service and directly affiliated companies is guaranteed.

Why are personal data processed?

The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise that offers training programs and employment. In this context, data is recorded for various purposes:

  • Personal data of personnel in the Sea Ranger Service team
  • Personal data for drawing up contract agreements with partners and suppliers
  • Personal data related to recruitment and recruitment of candidates for participation in the Sea Ranger Bootcamp:
    – Contact details for informing those involved / sending newsletters
    – Test results of candidates to determine the suitability of participation
    – Summaries of interviews to determine the suitability of participation

Whose personal data are processed?

The Sea Ranger Service processes the personal data of five groups:

  • Personnel (anyone who works or has worked for one of the Sea Ranger Service companies either being self-employed or via a temporary or permanent job position. These may be (temporary) employees, staff members, bootcamp instructors or Sea Rangers.
  • Candidates for the Sea Ranger Bootcamp (anyone who registers (opt-in) for more information about, or participation in, the Sea Ranger Bootcamp).
  • Participants in the Sea Ranger Bootcamp (anyone who registers (opt-in) to participate in the Sea Ranger Bootcamp and is selected for the programme.
  • Volunteers who are not registered as personnel through an agreement, but who make themselves available for all kinds of incidental or structural support activities. Included in this category are also the unpaid members of the Advisory Board and the Board of Sea Ranger Foundation.
  • Relationships / interested parties who (opt-in) are registered for the e-mail newsletters of the Sea Ranger Service.

Which personal data is processed?

Personnel (self-employed, temporary and permanent):

Full name, Address, Date of birth, IBAN / Bank account no. (concerning payment of salary or compensation), Criminal Record Check (regarding access to confidential documents / working with young people), Copy of valid ID (only for salaried staff), Personnel form for payroll, Model Declaration for wage administration, Email address (for payroll administration), Phone number and Contact details of the immediate family in case of emergency.

Bootcamp candidates:

Name, Email address, Phone number, Address (for sending documents), Date of birth (for age / ID check).

Bootcamp participants:

Name, Email address, Phone number, Address (regarding sending documents/teaching materials), Date of birth (due to age / ID check), Place of birth, Length/weight/shoe size (for garment sizes, sports equipment), Dietary preference (in connection with catering) and Contact details of the immediate family in case of emergency.


Name, Email address, Phone number, Address (in connection with determining travel expense requests), Details such as specific skills, knowledge, experience relevant for carrying out volunteer tasks and Contact details of the immediate family in case of emergency.

Relationships / partners / interested parties:

Name, Email address of the main contact person (for sending opt-in email newsletter) and Phone number.


  • All personal data is exclusively stored in documents in a private and secure cloud environment. All users with access to this environment are prohibited from placing copies of documents on other networks, copying them or placing them in any way in locations that are unsecured / freely accessible to external parties.
  • Each employee is given access at the folder level as determined by management. This access is revoked at the end of the employment period.
  • All data of Bootcamp candidates will be deleted after the bootcamp has started unless explicit permission has been given to use it for newsletters.
  • All personnel, bootcamp candidates and participant information is shared with third parties (partner companies or suppliers) only with the express written consent of the individuals concerned. Also, personal data will only be shared if the management of the Sea Ranger Service considers this necessary for the successful execution of an agreement (employment or participation agreement).
  • All personal data are available at the request of those involved and can be modified or removed on request.
  • All documents and forms expressly request permission to record the requested information and indicate this clearly, as well as why it such information is processed by the Sea Ranger Service.
  • No data is requested that we are not entitled to record or process according to the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Email newsletters are sent out at maximum once a month and the recipient gives explicit permission for this when registering.

This page was last updated on May 18, 2020.