Offshore services

The Sea Ranger Service is an offshore company run by maritime professionals with over 100 years of combined experience at sea. Offering low emission solutions to deliver offshore services, the Sea Ranger Service is at the forefront of pioneering clean solutions to build a sustainable blue economy.

Sea Ranger vessels can assist in all types of environmental offshore surveying including ROV and UAV inspections, Marine Protected Area monitoring tasks including vessel tracking and light inspection work in offshore wind farms and seaweed farms.

Sea Rangers prepare an ROV underwater camera to be launched

ROV and UAV inspections

With the use of drones and underwater robots the Sea Ranger Service can monitor and inspect both local seabed ecology underwater and regional vessel activities from the air.

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Sea Rangers carry out research at sea

Marine research

We support marine institutes with research capacity at sea. Seawater and plastics sampling, as well as weather observations, are daily tasks onboard Sea Ranger ships.

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Sea Ranger looking through binoculars

Marine Area monitoring

Sea Rangers monitor Marine Protected Areas through a combination of digital monitoring tools and offshore capacity to offer ‘ears and eyes’ at sea.

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