Sea Ranger Service launches UK recruitment

10 Jan 2024 | Dan Benham

The Sea Ranger Service has launched a new recruitment drive in the UK, with an initial focus in Port Talbot, South Wales, for expected work in the Celtic Sea.

This exciting next step in our company’s journey comes off the back of a successful year that has seen us consolidate our work in The Netherlands, whilst also starting seagrass restoration work in France. 

Since our founding in 2016, we have trained over 120 young people to carry out biodiversity restoration at scale in the Netherlands and France. We are now announcing a new Sea Ranger Bootcamp in the UK to accelerate our progress towards our mission; to restore 1 million hectares of ocean biodiversity by 2040 whilst training 20,000 young people towards a maritime career.

New UK recruits

As in The Netherlands, young people aged 18-29 will be trained to monitor, research and protect nature in our oceans. They first take part in our Sea Ranger Bootcamp where participants are tested on motivation, teamwork skills and learning abilities. Following this, selected participants will then take to the water on sailing expeditions and will be employed as full-time Sea Rangers. 

Where we will be working

There are different areas in the UK that we could operate from, the first area chosen is Port Talbot in South Wales, with good access into the Celtic Sea. Extensive preparatory work has been carried out involving local partners, to assist with recruitment and operational support in the area. 

Sea Ranger Service founder and CEO, Wietse Van Der Werf, says;

“After working behind the scenes for the past two years, we are very excited to bring our unique service to UK seas and coastal areas. I look forward to meeting the new candidates who share our passion for the environment and are motivated to become the next crew of Sea Rangers.” 

What’s next?

The next step is to find recruits for our first UK Sea Ranger Bootcamp, which will be taking place March 1st – 9th. Applications are now open, learn more here.