Former government officials advise Sea Rangers

12 Feb 2024 | Wietse van der Werf

Former senior Dutch government officials Theo van de Gazelle and Jan van den Bos have affiliated themselves to the Sea Ranger Service in an advisory capacity. Both are experienced government officials and the Sea Ranger Service team is thankful for their involvement to help advance the organisation’s social and sustainable mission.

Theo van de Gazelle is the former Deputy Director-General of Dutch government agency Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) and Chief Engineer-Director of (RWS) Zee en Delta. Theo worked at the infrastructure and watermanagement agency Rijkswaterstaat for 22 years as Director-General and Chief Engineer-Director. In his last position, he was responsible for national policy on the North Sea. We hope to benefit from his advice in shaping the next steps for the Sea Ranger Service.

Jan van den Bos joins the Sea Ranger Service after working at the Dutch Environment Agency ILT, where he served as Inspector-General. Jan worked in government for twenty years as Director-General and Inspector-General, the latter seven of which were with ILT. We are proud that a former Inspector-General is willing to strengthen our ranks as an advisor and ambassador.